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We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 

Sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, iguana, or other friend–furry or feathered–isn’t feeling well. That’s why we created THATS ANIMAL CENTRE, the one and only clinic you’ll ever need. Because we are a full-service clinic, your companion animals can get everything from nail trimmings to surgery, western and chinese medicine all in one place, without having to drive all over town to meet all of your animal needs. We have advanced diagnostics, techs, and medicine ready to help in life-and-death situations. Trust us. You’ll be glad you did.


At Thats Animal Centre, we encourage everyone to continue develop their own interests and skills other than veterinary medicine and nursing. Be it martial arts, patissier or photography, we could help you to build your career in more than one field.

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Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Dr. Pang Le Ling is a small animal practitioner, graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University Putra Malaysia in 2009.

Dr. Pang is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture from Chi Institute, Florida, USA in 2012, and has been integrating Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) with conventional western medicine in her practice, THATS ANIMAL CENTRE, since. She was one of the lab instructors during the Small Animal Acupuncture program by Chi Institute in Guangzhou, May 2013, May 2015, May 2016 and Beijing, May 2017. Dr. Pang is also one of the board member of World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (WATCVM), representing Malaysia. 

Dr Pang is a veterinary medicine enthusiast who has never stopped improving herself to provide better care for her patients. ​

Dr. Eda Lyana Shaharuddin is graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University Malaysia Kelantan, 2015. Being a good vet is always her dream. She is passionate with both cats and dogs and eager to learn. Dr. Eda is also one of the first Malay vets being certified as Veterinary Acupuncturist from Chi Institute. After 2 years of learning Mandarin, she is able to communicate fluently in Mandarin now to better understand what Chinese clients need. What a caring and considerate girl she is! 

Dr Eda has proved to everyone that veterinary care should not be compromised by different languages, races, pedigrees and chinese medicine are not only practised by Chinese only. ​

Dr. Lena Tan Li Ling obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the School of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University in 2013. She began to practice in local small animal hospital at Taipei since graduated, and decided to move back to Malaysia in 2017. Her main interest is internal medicine and endocrinology. 

After seeing how well TCVM are helping animals and influenced by Dr Pang and Dr Eda, Dr Lena has also started to learn and practise TCVM on animals. She acquired her Veterinary Acupuncturist cert in 2019. She is always patient to very sick and weak pediatrics and geriatric animals.

Dr. New Hong Chuan is the top scorer among the graduates of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University Malaysia Kelantan, year 2018. His passion on small animal veterinary medicine and TCVM has drawn him to our clinic to find out how to provide excellent veterinary care to animals. His interest is diagnostic imaging and internal medicine.

Ms. Pang Pei Ling is our company’s administrative and account manager. She is very much a dog person but has also started to fall in love with cats every since joining us.

Her interest is pet birthday cake design and pet bakery and so she founded THATS BARKERY to provide eye-catching and nutritious birthday cakes to local pets.

Ms. Phoon Li Li, Clinic Manager, has 10 years of experience in Pet Services. She is soft spoken but capable at managing the work-team and customer services. Most importantly, she is also an animal lover. 

Mr. Vincent Chew, our clinic most Senior Vet Nurse, has been in this field for 6 years and is very hardworking and loving to animals. He had always wanted to work in the petcare industry. 

He is very strong and thus our large breed dog patients very much depend on his care.

Ms. Hayatun Najihin Radzuan, Vet Nurse, is now studying the Vet Nursing Cert IV with AIRC. She is young, diligent and strong being the Women Champion of Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts, not only works as a vet nurse in clinic but at the same time as a trainer in a martial art gym.

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